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Indian Premier League fears cancellation due to coronavirus – IPL

The league can be canceled this year if the cases are too high


IPL – Mumbai, the cancellation of the Indian premier league began to be feared due to the coronavirus. According to details, Maharashtra health minister Rajesh said that when such a large number of people gather during IPL matches, the virus can spread. So it will be possible to increase the date of the event ahead. BCCI sources say, that if coronavirus cases are too high in India, So the league can be canceled this year because given the international calendar, IPL dates are kept and it’s not possible to go back and forth on these dates.

Remember, the opening match of IPL is to be held on March 29 at Wankhede stadium between Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings.


IPL Live Score

VIVO IPL Live has announced the schedule of all its matches. This time the VIVO IPL Live won’t be a matter of two months, because the IPL league has more duration, it can attract more fans from all over the world. The IPL 2020 management team has made the best decision, placing demand and supply in front. Now, the IPL league 2020 season will not end as everything will be primetime according to its worth and country-wise interest.


BCCI President Sourav Ganguly had made it clear that the event will be as per schedule, all necessary measures will be taken regarding the coronavirus. Remember, the Indian cricket board (BCCI) has half the prize money for the next edition of the Indian premier league (IPL). This year, the champion team will get 10 million rupees (i.e. $13.6 million) instead of 20, runners up to six million, while losing teams in two playoffs will get 4.37 crore Indian rupees.

Administrators have informed IPL teams about this, franchises have expressed reservations on the decision. The board’s declaration also states that there will be no opening ceremony this year. Meanwhile, the Indian cricket board wants, to also pay the relevant board fees, now team owners, to ensure participation in the foreign cricketer’s event.

It was found in 2017 that 20% of the player’s compensation will be given to his country’s cricket board, initially, it was 10%, in which the board increased 10%. Now secretary jay shah believes that since franchise owners are earning huge profits from the Indian premier league, the BCCI will not pay its 10%, and this fee should only be the responsibility of the franchise as before. No average employee of the board will receive a business class ticket in the event of air travel of fewer than 8 hours, the Indian board says.

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