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Matheesha Pathirana set a record by getting a ball at a speed of 175 km per hour

Matheesha Pathirana u-19 fast bowler bowled against India, the speed of the ball appeared on the scoreboard at 175 km per hour (The ICC did not confirm the speed of the ball)

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A matter of getting the ball done at a speed of 175 KMPH, Was the ball really done at this speed?

(Johannesburg) According to details, a video went viral a few days ago claiming that Sri Lankan u-19 fast bowler Matheesha Pathirana broke the fastest ball delivery record on the alleged.

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He made the fourth over during the match with India in the u-19 World Cup, they did the extreme fastball.

Discussed while sharing this video on social media that there was an error with speed meter in estimating the speed or In fact, Matheesha Pathirana broke Shoaib Akhtar’s fastest ball delivery record which he did at a speed of 161.3 KMPH against former England batsman Nick knight in the World Cup 2003. In this regard, it has now been said that the speed meter may have given the speed of the ball wrong.


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In this regard, the international cricket council did not confirm which means that Sri Lankan bowlers did not do so much speedball. If Sri Lankan bowler had done the ball at this speed so it would have been regularly advertised by the ICC, but nothing like that happened.

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