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Top 10 Richest Cricketer in the World 2020

Top 10 Richest Cricketer – The world’s second most famous game is playing cricket and almost billions of people watch a cricket game in different ways whether it is on TV or online. After football, players can make a lot of money in cricket and many of the richest cricketers in the world are rich because of their professionalism. Here we gathered the collective information of the world’s richest cricketers.

Top 10 Richest Cricketer
Players can make a lot of money in cricket and many of the richest cricketers in the                                                                                world

Top 10 Richest Cricket

MS Dhoni – $200 Million

Ms dhoni got the first position in the case of the richest cricketer in 2020. Ms dhoni, the former captain of the Indian team, is also called captain cool. Dhoni is a strong and superficial head player. He is known for his calm temper. In this world, the fastest runner ever between stumps. He is one of the best wicket keepers ever given to Indian cricketer. Dhoni is a role model for young generation aspirants who want to be cricketers. He has made the world a fan of his final shot at the t20 World Cup final and a sixer shot at the wankhede stadium. He is among the richest cricketer in the world with a value of $200 million.


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1 MS Dhoni $16.6 Million $160 Million $200 Million
2 Virat Kohli $6.2 Million $67 Million $75 Million
3 Yuvraj Singh $4.1 Million $44 Million $50 Million
4 Virender Sehwag $3.4 Million $37 Million $41 Million
5 Shane Watson $3.2 Million $33 Million $39 Million
6  Shahid Afridi $2.5 Million $25 Million $31 Million
7 Gautam Gambhir $2.0 Million $20 Million $25 Million
8 Michael Clarke $1.6 Million $15 Million $20 Million
9 Chris Gayle $1.5 Million $14 Million $19 Million
10 AB De Villiers $1.4 Million $10 Million $17 Million

Virat Kohli Net Worth – $75 Million

India’s premium batsman “#100 Virat Kohli” tops the list as he is the world’s most trusted paid cricketer. They have received a lot of money after participating in the Indian premier league in 2018. They are counted among the cricketers who became very famous at some time and also the richest personalities in the world. Its almost salary (monthly) is $6.3 million (2020).

Nowadays, after introducing cricket’s T20 format, cricket has become a more popular, exciting and money shower. T20 cricket has brought a huge revolution in cricket that includes not only cricketers but also a lot of money for the respective boards. Now, there are some new names of witnesses in the full list of cricket as the old names have decreased.

Yuvraj Singh Net Worth – $50 Million

Yuvraj is a deadly bowler and a dangerous game-changer, known for making a sixer over at home. This icon has survived cancer and is now a role model for everyone who is either sick or wants to improve in the cricket field. Yuvraj Singh has been earning huge income from cricket and he is the third richest cricketer on this planet. The beauty of the game lies in its lofty sixes, deadliest bowls and the fearless spirit of the game. Today, it’s worth $50 Million

Virender Sehwag Net Worth – $40 Million

One of the Indian legends who got a lot of fame in a limited time, Virender Sehwag is also on the list of richest cricketers. His year’s income was $40 million which came as a salary from BCCI, salaries, prize money and sponsorship.

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